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Practical knowledge disseminated in a direct and precise manner to display practices applied around the world to the national industry.

How can the representation of female and queer characters be improved in the audiovisual sector?

Thursday July 14 - 10 a.m.
CCB – 2ND Floor

Pre-registration using the link sent with the newsletter to all accredited participants.
Limited spaces available.

We are experiencing a time of change in which society, and therefore also the audiovisual world, have begun to recognize their biases and imbalances. We need to ask ourselves how to reduce the use of stereotypes in the construction of female and queer characters. By analyzing scenes from films and series, we will assess whether their leading characters represent accurate and respectful portrayals, or whether they repeat harmful cliches. Tools will also be provided for understanding how to use character creation to write stronger and more convincing scripts that are more respectful to audiences.


A director, professor, and screenwriter of feature films and series, and the holder of master’s degrees in film directing from the Cinema and Audiovisual School of Catalunya (ESCAC) and in fiction for television from the Universidad Pompeu Fabra, she has written and directed the films ¿Cómo te llamas? (2018), Segunda estrella a la derecha (2019), Leading Ladies (2021), and Petit mal (2022). Caudeli also directed the series Natalia: Crimen y Castigo, the winner of an India Catalina Award for the best miniseries in 2021, and the second season of the series Pálpito for Netflix. Her web series Actrices was also nominated for the 2021 India Catalina Awards.

Building audiences during the content creation process

Friday July 15 | 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
CCB – 2ND Floor

Pre-registration using the link sent with the newsletter to all accredited participants.
Limited spaces available.

Audience building should not only be considered when an audiovisual project has been completed, and integrating it into the creation and writing phases increases the value proposition of every piece of work. In this workshop, we will examine how to produce performance indicators, measure and understand metrics when creating content, and search for trends with open and free tools.

En alianza con:
Agustina LUMI

Agustina Lumi has produced films and television programs for more than two decades. She specializes in audience development and public policies for the global promotion of film and audiovisual content, and was part of Argentina’s National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) for ten years. Currently based in Madrid, she works as a consultant and advisor for distributors, exhibitors, public bodies, and audiovisual producers, helping them to integrate new digital efficiency into B2B and B2C audience generation. At the same time, she is Head of Content & Marketing at Usheru (Ireland) and is a Series LAB mentor at SANFIC Industria (Chile).