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Industry Venue

Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, Chapinero Office

Cl. 67 # 8-32

The Chapinero Office of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá has been the irreplaceable host of our Industry Venue during all the face-to-face editions of BAM.

Business meetings and forums for all those selected in the BAM calls take place here with potential co-producers, sales agents, service companies, festivals, and other industry professionals in the famous one-on-one meetings with developing projects, as well as additional activities designed for their growth.

Floor 2 of the Industry Venue also hosts a whole series of events for accredited BAM participants, including the Market Sessions, two workshops that are part of this year’s enriching academic program, and the specialized Meets with different sectors of the audiovisual industry.

On floor -1, and as part of ARTBO Salas 2022, you can visit and enjoy—at no cost—the Fiesta exhibition displaying Gabriel del Castillo’s work.

Projects, stories, companies, and talented professionals are invited to be part of BAM's industry agenda. Come check out the venue and be sure to enjoy a hot drink from Luker.

This 2022, the Industry Series will open its doors for all accredited participants during three days of a face-to-face market, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from July 14 (Thursday) to July 16 (Saturday).


Gimnasio Moderno

Cra. 9 # 74-99

Bogotá’s Gimnasio Moderno opens its doors for yet another year as our Experience Venue for the three days of face-to-face activities for BAM 2022. In this 13th edition of the Bogotá Audiovisual Market, the Experience Venue has four large spaces.

The Auditorium, where our Talks will be held, including masterclasses, panels, talks, and conversations with leading professionals from Colombia and abroad to share thoughts, experiences, news, and challenges in the different fields of the audiovisual industry.

Our traditional Big Top, with the presence of important audiovisual companies and institutions that, with their stands and activations, contribute year after year to the growth of BAM.

The TV Lounge tent, with its agenda involving the most current issues of public television and regional channels, and a special program for ethnic groups, diverse capabilities, and, of course, the industry in general.

The Forum tent, with a varied program of activities and launches of avantgarde products, which is also where the BAM Brunches take place in the mornings.

Additionally, we will have the Food Garden for yet another year, with its varied gastronomic offer so that all participants can make the most of the day and enjoy the full agenda BAM has organized for its return to face-to-face.

Come enjoy this experience!


Cine Colombia, C.C. Avenida Chile

Cl. 72 # 10 - 34

Casa Ark

Cl. 70 # 9 - 75

For yet another year, Cine Colombia Avenida Chile opens its doors to become one of our screening venues.

Next to it, the magical Casa Ark, with its republican style and avantgarde facilities, joins us to be one of BAM’s screening venues for 2022.

A total of eleven Colombian fiction and documentary films (six feature films and five short films) either in the post-production stage or recently finished, are part of the 13th edition of BAM to begin their journey in search of premieres, festivals, or sales agents. This year, seven of them want to invite all accredited BAM participants to meet again in front of the big screen to be the first to experience the emotions that these national films bring us, which are very close to being ready to go out into the world and take their first steps.

Let's get together again in front of the big screen!

Check the schedule for events open to all accredited participants.