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Necessary conversations about important questions. Views and contrasts to seek new creative and business horizons.

It all began (and goes on) in Africa: building direct routes between America and Africa

Monday July 11 | 11:00 a.m.

When we talk about co-productions and distribution routes, North America and Europe usually spring to mind before Latin America or Africa. With so many social, natural, and cultural similarities, it is paradoxical that there are not more direct routes between the two regions. How can the bonds between them be strengthened? What have producers and filmmakers who have been able to work with funds or efforts from both sides of the pond experienced? What still needs to be done to consolidate these routes?

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Don Edkins is the executive producer for AfriDocs, a platform for documentaries on Sub-Saharan Africa, and for the Dare to Dream project centered on Asian filmmakers.

Blockchain: the new way of making series and films

Monday July 11 | 2:00 p.m.

Years ago, blockchain technology emerged as a distant series of tools and dynamics. However, its uses have gradually expanded into other fields that include, without a doubt, the audiovisual world. Accompanied by two projects that use blockchain, Female Filmmakers and Decentralized, we will find out the advances that the system represents in terms of financing, distribution, production, and highlighting new voices.

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A director, producer, and feminist, and the creator of the platform and the web3/NFT movement


Director and co-founder of The Decentralized Pictures Foundation, Inc., he won an Emmy Award for his project Artemis Director’s Viewfinder.


Decentralized Pictures. Director of film production and acquisitions at American Zoetrope.

Launch of the short film promotion catalogue Refresh Vol. 4

Friday July 15 | 2:00 p.m.

The Refresh catalogue is a strategy by Proimágenes that, with the help of the Film Development Fund, aims to select the best Colombian short films in order to provide them with support for one year during the stage when they are being submitted to festivals inside and outside Colombia. The strategy covers registration costs and coordinates the delivery of promotional and outreach materials for those festivals the short films are selected for, as well as their promotion in various markets and events. During these sessions, we will discover the titles selected for the 4th volume of Refresh and enjoy screenings of three shorts from Vol. 3, in the company of their creators who will talk to us about their experience.

María Cristina PÉREZ

Director of Todo es culpa de la sal (Refresh Vol. 2).


Producer of Two-Spirit, Refresh Vol. 3

Juan Sebastián QUEBRADA

Editor of Masmelos, Refresh Vol. 1

The paths of costume design in film and TV series in Colombia

Saturday July 16 | 10:00 a.m.

A journey through the evolution and the mystique of narrative costume in film, and what lies behind the development of characters from a national perspective. What are the imaginaries involved, and what is their tool of empowerment for the construction of a Colombian identity in costume design?

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A costume specialist at ACACC and VESCO, Catherine Rodríguez Prieto is a costume designer and founding member of the Colombian Association of Costume Designers. She has worked on films that include Salvador (2022), El abrazo de la serpiente (2015), Pájaros de verano (2018), Vers La Bataille (2019), and Memoria (2022).

Liliana LADINO

An instructor from the Colombian National Learning Service (SENA) and a fashion designer by profession and educator by vocation, Liliana Ladino is an expert in pedagogy and university teaching with a master’s degree in digital marketing. She is passionate about fashion and costume as a means of communication.

Carolina ACONCHA

The academic director of the Arturo Tejada Cano school of fashion design and marketing, Carolina Aconcha is a fashion and textile designer with a master’s degree in strategic design, and wide-ranging experience leading academic projects related to the Latin American creative industry.